The HDA’s geospatial information services (GIS) enable us to identify, analyse and prioritise well-located land for release. This is primarily undertaken through our land and property spatial information system, LaPsis, which serves as a repository of all data on land and landed property in South Africa, including cadastre, ownership, title documents, deeds, administrative boundaries and points of interest.

LaPsis is easy to use, freely available and widely employed by many provinces and municipalities. It has proven to be an invaluable resource in efforts to identify, verify, manage and monitor state, communal and private land and to compile comprehensive land inventories. It boasts sophisticated graphic and alphanumeric display capabilities and is able to generate reports, making it an important and useful reference system for strategic planning and national decision-making.

The HDA has also developed and deployed an information system on selected municipal profiles. This tool is intended to provide guidelines and advice to provincial departments of human settlements, as well as municipalities, on the efficient utilisation of land and economic government infrastructure investments in support of integrated human settlement development.

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