Since its inception, the HDA has gathered, and continues to gather, information on the state of land across the country, gathering a database of well-located land that can be used for human settlement development.

Policies and frameworks guide this process and high-tech data storage systems, such as Lapsis, ensure that it is closely monitored.

The land identified undergoes extensive planning assessments before it is formalised and released for human settlement development.

The HDA assists with the release of state-owned land to provinces and municipalities. We also acquire land on behalf of provinces and municipalities.

Our services to provinces and municipalities include, but are not limited to:

  • Identifying, acquiring, planning and releasing state, public and privately owned land and landed properties for human settlement development
  • Providing development and town planning assistance
  • Providing assistance with title and tenure matters

The HDA has worked closely with the Department of Human Settlements and the wider sector to develop clear working definitions and criteria, while clarifying systems and procedures for the acquisition and release of state-owned land.