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Residents of Chatty, in the Nelson Mandela Bay area, will soon see development begin on their very own multi-purpose community centre (MPCC).


The centre is the first of its kind in Chatty. It will consist of a main hall that will seat 500 people, an ablution block, a guardhouse, a reception area and a caretaker’s house. More than 4 000 households will be able to use the MPCC for different kinds of functions, including weddings and meetings. This is the second multi-purpose centre in the Zanemvula project area.

The first was developed in 2010, in Soweto-on-Sea.

The two projects are unique in that they are they are first to use an innovative approach to energy, including installing wind turbines to generate power to operate the building.

It is expected that it will take 13 months to complete the Chatty MPCC. At this stage, the procurement process is complete and the contractor is on site.

(Chatty is one of the greenfields projects that form part of the Zanemvula project)