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On 4 October 2011, Human Settlements Minister Tokyo Sexwale launched 800 houses in Chatty as part of the Zanemvula mega-housing project in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro. He commented that the project had a “good look and feel”, but added that the roads, pavements, grass, trees and community facilities must now come.

The HDA is the implementing agent for the project, and introduced various elements to improve the quality of houses that were built in Chatty. These include external plaster, tiled roofs, conduit for electricity, verandas, gutters, wooden door and window frames, as well as a 600mm apron around the structures.

The purpose of the Zanemvula project is to address the housing and development needs of the target areas in a sustainable way, in line with national government’s goal to reduce informal settlements to zero by 2014.

Project goals include providing access to affordable and sustainable housing, helping to improve income levels by establishing new opportunities for the residents, facilitating urban renewal, regeneration and socio-economic development, as well as helping to mobilise institutional capacity and capabilities so that integrated settlement upgrading can be accomplished at necessary scale and speed.