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The HDA hosted a Neighbourhood Development workshop on 6 September 2011 at the Sunnyside Park Hotel in Johannesburg. Earlier this year, the HDA commissioned a review of the eKhaya initiative with the specific intention to better understand what parts of the experience could contribute to similar initiatives in other urban areas in South Africa. The purpose of the workshop was for stakeholders to comment and contribute to the review and its recommendations, as well as to assess and define the best ways of using the lessons from this initiative in other places. The workshop was attended by representatives from the social housing institutions based in Johannesburg, private property owners, the City of Johannesburg, NASHO, private security, amongst others.

eKhaya, a successful neighbourhood development programme started in Hillbrow in 2004, engaged key local stakeholders (property owners, building caretakers, city agencies, residents and community organisations) in a number of initiatives to improve safety, cleanliness, accountability, and the public environment. The presentation of the case study by Malcolm McCarthy highlighted the challenges and successes of the initiative. The main issue that will have to be addressed going forward is ‘replication versus sustainability’ and how to use the lessons from eKhaya to help regenerate other neighbourhoods, from informal settlements, to new housing settlements, to other inner city areas throughout the country.