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The HDA is set to introduce an ‘ethics hotline’ in February. Both our Act and our fraud and risk prevention policy state that we must have a HOTLINE.

The hotline facility is managed by Vuvuzela in line with the Protected Disclosures Act, No 26 of 2000 and complies with the Public Finance Management Act (Act No 1 of 1999 as amended). The service level agreement between Vuvuzela and the HDA provides for the total independence of the hotline management, and guaranteed anonymity of reporters; within the parameters of the law.

The call centre is managed off site from the HDA, is totally independent from the HDA, and will be accessible to all HDA stakeholders (including the public). Call centre agents are able to field calls in all eleven official languages.

The main objectives of the fraud/ethics hotline are to:

  • Encourage reinforcement of moral and ethical principles
  • Reduce impact of fraud and fraudulent activities by being transparent and enforcing preventative policies
  • Lay a platform for all interested and affected parties – including employees, stakeholders and members of the public – to report on fraud and fraudulent activities.

Reports will be possible through the following media:
Toll Free Number: 0800 205 307
E-mail address: hda@thehotline.co.za
Toll Free Fax: 086 726 1681
SMS Call Back Facility: 072 595 9139
For more information, visit: www.thehotline.co.za