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On 12 September our Cape Town office hosted the Gauteng Standing Committee on Human Settlements.

The committee was on an information visit to the Western Cape to find out more on the following: housing demand and backlog, and how it is being addressed; eradication and formalisation of informal settlements; impact of unemployment, urbanisation and in-migration on the demand for housing and basic services; the availability and affordability of suitable and well-located land for sustainable human settlements; the approach and provision of rural housing; and housing policy development.

The HDA introduced the N2 Gateway project and explained our role within the project. This was followed by a tour of the N2. At Joe Slovo phase 3, the committee asked to view a unit that had been handed over. They were delighted to receive positive feedback from a beneficiary regarding the state of the unit, and the improvements they had experienced in terms of their living standards.

The committee extended their thanks for the opportunity to visit the project and mentioned that they were especially impressed with the Joe Slovo high-density project.