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On 19-21 August 2014, the HDA Free State conducted the last site inspections of informal settlements in the province.

The last municipalities that were visited were Mafube and Phumelela Local Municipalities, in the north-eastern part of the Free State, which marked the completion of informal settlement site inspections in the province.

The main aim of conducting the rapid assessment and categorisation report is to obtain a rapid overview of the scale and nature of the informal settlements in order to obtain an initial categorisation of the informal settlement, indicating the appropriate type of developmental response.

The information collected from the rapid assessments of all the informal settlements in the province will be used to draw up the following critical plans:

  • A list of informal settlements showing broad categorisation of each settlement
  • A base plan showing locality of all informal settlements
  • A preliminary assessment for each informal settlement that consists of a narrative report for each settlement and appended base plans
  • Multi-year expenditure projections for informal settlements upgrading, showing the rough budgetary requirements for settlements in different categories
  • Available vacant land within the municipality for potential relocations, but only where desktop information permits

The HDA can now confidently report that informal settlements data of all Free State municipalities is available to guide the informal settlements upgrading process.

This includes developmental responses and budget estimates for each settlement category.
Upgrading plans and enumerations for prioritised settlements will be embarked upon in the next financial year, after consultations and planning meetings with the Free State Department of Human Settlements.

The Rapid Assessment and Categorisation outcomes also support the Free State Provincial Informal Settlements Upgrading Strategy.