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The Botswana Ministry of Lands and Housing visited South Africa as part of an exercise to review its development control code and planning standards. The delegation visited Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town to observe and learn from experiences and best practices in these metros.

The visit was facilitated by the National Department of Human Settlements and the theme was “Planning for sustainable human settlements in South Africa”. The HDA was asked to host the delegation on 4 June and Edith Tukakgomo, HDA Manager Land Assembly Management, gave a presentation on our land assembly programme.

“The delegation was impressed with the HDA’s land assembly programme, especially our geospatial information system and how we handle the release of state-owned land for human settlements development,” she said. Tukakgomo added that in Botswana most of the land is communally owned, hence the interest in understanding our ways of dealing with communal land for development.