The HDA has a signed agreement (medium-term operational plan, or MTOP) with the Northern Cape that outlines support and services to be provided by the agency over a three-year period.

Developing a project pipeline is one of the services provided. To support programming, planning and coordination of the human settlements projects pipeline in the Northern Cape Province, the HDA was part of the sector departments that conducted Infrastructure Planning workshops across the province. The purpose of the workshops was to ensure synergy in infrastructure planning between different sector departments and municipalities.

The objectives of these workshops were to:

  • Facilitate the alignment and co-ordination of infrastructure grants transferred from various sources (national departments, provinces, districts and other)
  • Agree on infrastructure development targets and timelines regarding the eradication of infrastructure backlogs, in line with grant funding provided over three years
  • Identify all the bottlenecks and challenges, with remedial actions
  • Reflect on progress made on Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG) projects

The Infrastructure Planning Workshops will be followed by the establishment of the Provincial Infrastructure Planning Forum, aimed at creating a platform where infrastructure plans of municipalities and sector departments are scrutinised and aligned to ensure value for money.