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The call for spatial restructuring and targeted investment by the public sector in strategic projects has gained momentum in recent months, with the publication of both the National Development Plan, and the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act.

Principles of spatial justice and equity are recurring themes in these documents, highlighting not only the numbers of housing units delivered, but also the quality of environment, and integration with existing and future opportunities.

How the HDA builds on its successes and defines a future development approach will be discussed over the next few months as the Agency develops a sector-wide land assembly strategy. The strategy is aimed at refining the Agency’s approach to the complex issues of:

  • Land identification – what land is needed and available or for prospective human settlement development
  • Land suitability – how suitable is land for human settlement purposes?
  • Land acquisition and compensation – what disposal processes and policies and financial costs influence the acquisition of the prospective land?
  • Land development – what regulatory processes (e.g. zoning/township establishment) are applicable in developing the land?
  • Land management – determining who will act as a developer and/or maintain the land and assets post-development?

A draft document has already been given to the board of the HDA and on 14 November the Agency will host a workshop for interested parties from both the public and private sectors to test some of the assumptions and proposals made. The workshop provided the opportunity to share experiences relating to land assembly from not only the HDA’s perspective, but from a social housing institution and a metropolitan municipal perspective.

As the strategy develops, it is our intention to embark on a roadshow to present the content to the HDA’s provincial partners. Further workshops with other stakeholders are also planned for the fourth quarter. Watch this space for a comprehensive report in our next newsletter.

If you are interested in engaging with the documentation and content of the land assembly strategy, please feel free to email Peter Ahmad at peter.ahmad@thehda.co.za.