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We are sharing LaPsis (an easy-to-use online spatial information system) with provinces and municipalities as part of our initiatives to support and capacitate them. In their own words, the main reasons they prefer to use LaPsis are:

• Spatial tools are easy to use
• You don’t have to be a specialist to create a map
• Search for a property – easy and accurate
• Access to updated deeds information and Cadastre data
• Cost-effectiveness
• Map of all state land/public land
• Trend reports – housing-related census information, value, Cadastre, growth points,alignment and verification reports
• Census portal
• Real-time data capability
• Access to reports on properties (Afrideed, WinDeed, SG)
• Database of all identified properties
• Identified properties from database linked with a map!

We have initiated user forums where we focus on how to use LaPsis, as well as how to use the information that LaPsis produces.

We also cover areas such as accuracy of the data, data sharing, enhancements to be considered, security, and what would be the best strategy in making LaPsis work for specialist and non-specialists. We will be running two national forums per annum, and will host quarterly forums in the provinces.

On 28 June we hosted our first annual forum. The forum was attended by representatives from the Eastern Cape Department of Public Works, Stats SA, the Department of Human Settlements and Afrigis.

We received extremely positive feedback about the system, especially on how it can be used to support decision-making at both strategic and operational levels. Mr Danie Pretorius from the Eastern Cape Department of Public Works mentioned how they used LaPsis in their land auditing, and that they are of the opinion that they will achieve a clean audit.