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According to the HDA's Act, the Agency must introduce and manage a land inventory and information system. A tool, 'LaPsis' or Land and Property Spatial Information System, has been developed.

LaPsis contains data from Statistics South Africa, the Deeds Office, the Surveyor-General and the National Department of Human Settlements, and the HDA also uploads its own information and data. Depending on the nature of the data, updates take place monthly, quarterly and annually.

Deeds data is uploaded monthly, for example, the cadastre quarterly, and Human Settlement projects data annually. The HDA does not verify the data but relies on the custodians of data to take responsibility for their accuracy. The HDA uses the different layers of data to provide users with a more integrated spatial picture in order to support planning.

LaPsis has been designed for those who are not experts in GIS to easily query data and create maps. LaPsis can provide the following useful functions:

  • Erf-level data such as property info, owner, extent, satellite image, etc. can be viewed in relation to points of interest nearby
  • State-owned land can be referenced in a municipality, and an identified property can be confirmed as state-owned
  • Property verification, i.e. property can be viewed on a map, deeds information (the owner) can be confirmed, and a satellite image will confirm what is on the property
  • X and Y co-ordinates (point data) from an Excel spreadsheet can be added
  • Polygons can be captured and saved to user's favourites
  • Immediate and real-time access to maps, which can be printed up to A3 in size
  • Own data can be captured and uploaded. For example, data captured according to fields on a cellphone can be submitted to LaPsis, and when a point is clicked on, it will reflect these sets of information
  • Data analysis
  • Customisation according to needs

Human Settlement officials who have a need to consider property information and to verify data will find the LaPsis tool the most useful.
The HDA provides training and a user manual, as well as ongoing telephonic support from head office. User forums also provide support. Please contact us should you be interested in a demonstration of the tool and to explore its use in your organisation. Contact Johan Minnie on 011 544 1000 or johan.minnie@thehda.co.za for more.

Click here to view a video on getting access to Lapsis

Click here to view a video on getting to use Lapsis functions

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