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The HDA has completed an integrated development plan for the Nasrec land, as requested by the Minister of Public Works.

The plan had to accommodate the diverse requirements of various organs of state, all with an interest in the 35 000 hectares of prime state property. The Agency presented the plan to the Minister of Public Works and the Minister of Arts and Culture, and both support the proposal. The release of the land by Public Works has commenced.

We have also facilitated the release of two pieces of well-located Public Works land in the Eastern Cape. The 271 hectares of land near East London airport has been earmarked to address the informal settlement challenges nearby, and the 161 hectares in the Makana Local Municipality will be used to establish new low-cost housing.

Five Transnet/Servcon properties are in the process of being purchased by our Agency. The feasibilities have been completed and the land is identified as well-located. The properties are situated in Tshwane, Queenstown and the Western Cape.

The two Johannesburg inner-city buildings acquired by the HDA are being prepared for release into the development cycle for social housing.