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Staff from the HDA’s Cape Town office have been sharing lessons learnt from the N2 Gateway relocations with the HDA’s Limpopo office and officials from the Limpopo Department of Cooperative Governance, Human Settlement and Traditional Affairs (CoGHSTA).

The aim of sharing is to assist the province to make informed decisions around relocations during the upgrading of the Smash Block informal settlement. A feasibility study for Smash Block has been undertaken and options to upgrade the settlement are being explored.  The settlement consists of about 5 378 structures.

The HDA was asked to present a case study on relocations, focusing on the N2 Gateway project in particular. The core of the N2 Gateway case study was based on the:

  • Various funding sources and grants and rules of the National Housing code fro relocations
  • Importance of establishing a project steering committee
  • Pre-relocation phase
  • Relocation process
  • Post-relocations phase
  • N2 Gateway experiences and lessons learnt

The presentation was well received by CoGHSTA. It was noted that the HDA has the knowledge, experience and expertise required regarding relocations and the process to be followed. As the Smash Block project unfolds, the department and municipality will count on the HDA for further assistance in the relocation process.