As part of the Medium Term Strategic Framework (MTSF) targets, the HDA has produced a Master Spatial Plan (MSP) to guide human settlements development.

It is proposed that all future housing investment will now only be approved in terms of the criteria developed through the MSP process. It will then be a key element in creating sound delivery processes, focusing on where to invest government funding in an appropriate solution and in a collaborative manner. This is a crucial intervention if we are to address the triple challenge of the legacy of our apartheid past, the challenges of current urbanisation and the integrated sustainable human settlements of the future.

A concept document has been developed and approved by MinMEC. The agency has consulted widely and received encouraging inputs from provinces, metros, sector departments and supporting stakeholders. The Spatial Master Plan  is now largely completed and the HDA is developing a Spatial Investment Framework for Human Settlements to implement the MSP. The final document will go to Cabinet for consideration and approval.

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