The HDA is playing a central role in government’s programme to revitalise South Africa’s struggling mining communities. 

Fifteen mining areas have been identified for fast-tracked human settlements development, using housing projects to stimulate local economies and create job opportunities for local residents.

The interventions were conceptualised in 2012, when President Jacob Zuma formed an Inter-ministerial Committee for the Revitalisation of Distressed Mining Communities.

The Framework Agreement for a Sustainable Mining Industry was signed in 2013, committing government and the mining industry to accelerate efforts to upgrade human settlements in mining towns, and improve the living and working conditions of mineworkers.

In line with this, the National Department of Human Settlements is driving the revitalisation of distressed mining towns through a number of projects, with the HDA as programme manager.

At the core of the plan is a new approach to co-ordinating the work of local and provincial government, local business, mining companies and other economic interest groups, with the active participation of communities and mineworkers.

Proposed interventions include:

  • Upgrading informal settlements (providing interim services, upgrading, relocation)
  • Basic service backlog connections
  • Home ownership through support provided to households to purchase a site and build, or buy on the secondary market
  • The provision of rental accommodation for migrant miners