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The Housing Development Agency facilitated the release of a strategically located typical infill portion of land at Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality in the Eastern Cape.

The metro is severely challenged in terms of availability of land for integrated human settlements development. Significant portions of available land within the East London City radius are publicly owned, and the city and province experience challenges in securing public land identified and prioritised for human settlements development.

The property owned by Transnet is in  East London and measures approximately 7.9979 hectares in extent, and is earmarked for integrated sustainable human settlements development. The HDA was approached by the Eastern Cape Department of Human Settlements and the metro to facilitate its release from Transnet. The HDA actively facilitated the release of this property, which resulted in the conclusion of an agreement for the release of the property on 17 November 2014.

The release is in line with the Department of Public Enterprises’ policy relating to the disposal of non-core state-owned companies’ properties.