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National Human Settlements Land Indices (NaHSLI) is playing an increasingly important role in rapidly identifying, analysing and prioritising suitable land at the HDA.

NaHSLI is our analytical tool, which is used to facilitate and guide the formulation of planning alternatives that optimise utilisation of scarce resources, and reduce the negative impact of land and property development on the environment. It is guided by four principles, namely the natural environment, the regulatory environment, the structural environment and the social environment.

All land identified by the HDA is assessed using the NaHSLI tool, which verifies land suitability. Land suitability is determined via the following determinants and indicators: geotechnical conditions, rivers and wetlands, mining, agriculture and forestry, biodiversity planning, protected areas and habitat quality.

NaHSLI allows for data manipulation and the assigning of appropriate weights to each of the indicators to provide a Land Suitability Value (in %) for each parcel of land.

Most recently, the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) approached the HDA to identify suitable land for their new offices, or an appropriate office park in either Rivonia or Woodmead.

NaHSLI is continuously being updated with various datasets from different data custodians and aims at providing a full spectrum of geospatial analyses, allowing stakeholders to make better-informed decisions on the identification, acquisition, holding, release and development of land and properties in South Africa.

For further information on NaHSLI email: NaHSLI@thehda.co.za