Quality TRAs based on requirements laid down by the the Constitutional court ruling on Joe Slovo are being built in Phillipi (TRA 5 and TRA 5.1) by the HDA for temporary relocations of non-qualifiers as well as beneficiaries on the N2 Gateway Project. Phase one consists of 800 units and families are being transferred into these new improved temporary homes. The HDA units come in reusable sheets that slot into frames. Due to the ease of construction of these units, local, unskilled labour can be trained in a relatively short period of time to erect the TRAs. They can also be dismantled when the life-span of the TRA has come to an end, and stored or moved to another area and reconstructed. The units are well insulated – each unit has two large aluminium windows to assist with circulation. The improvements introduced in the new TRAs go a long way to ensure that beneficiaries can live in a humane manner while waiting for their homes to be built.