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The HDA Act states that the Agency may declare PHDAs, develop and submit development plans for PHDAs, and implement measures to fast-track housing development in PHDAs. But before this can take place, the PHDA policy and regulations have to be approved by Parliament and become law.

The PHDA policy is being developed at a time when the South African government has a more determined focus to address the lack of coordination across the different spheres of government with respect to spatial transformation. The PHDA will be a legislated response to address qualitative and spatial shortcomings. The PHDA provides a development vision and goal for a specific geographical area that, by its nature, is well located and supportive of economic growth and social upliftment initiatives.

Implementation policy and regulations were drawn up by HDA and are undergoing a consultation process with relevant structures of the government.

Two informative workshops and consultations with the South African Local Government Association (SALGA) on the PHDA regulations and policy in October 2013 and in November 2013 respectively. The objective of these workshops was to address the different comments received from the various stakeholders on the draft PHDA regulations, most notably the Portfolio Committee, SALGA’s areas of concern, the Chief State Law Advisor and the City of Tshwane. 

Presentations have been made at the SALGA  National Working Group (in Tshwane) and the Provincial Working Group (in East London) to build awareness of the PHDA regulations and policy and also to point out how PHDA implementation would benefit the municipalities.  Officials from different government departments as well as municipalities and representatives from other public entities were in attendance.
In the following two months, more presentations and consultations will be conducted in the different provinces.

“Our work is still in progress, and much effort is put into getting all the municipalities on board with our projects," Busgeeth said. "Our passion is to achieve integrated human settlements where people can eat, live, work, play and pray. We work towards ensuring access to amenities and social infrastructure, creating social cohesions and bringing spatial transformation.