An anonymous blog by ‘Sensible Samantha’ under the heading ‘Freeway corruption potentially exposed’ was published on around 21 November 2012.

The article attempts to link the HDA to a KwaZulu-Natal road construction tender. The blog went further to say that the company awarded the tender (Korong Capital Partners) had been dormant since 1999 and had only one director.  It therefore raised the question of how a dormant company with no history in road construction could get the tender and raise R1,5 billion. 

The blog went on to speculate that Korong Capital Partners is a front company.  The blogger then attempted to establish what company is being fronted.

The blogger established that the business address given by the director of Korong Capital Partners was a townhouse unit owned by a middle manager in the HDA.  The article then speculated that the HDA was therefore involved in the fronting exercise. 

The facts of the matter are that the unit was rented as a residential lease to the director of Korong Capital Partners from 2007 to 2011. That is the only connection between the renter and the owner of the unit.  The HDA has no knowledge or involvement in the rental transaction (which in fact happened before the HDA was formed) or of the Nkandla tender.  The HDA emphasises that there is no link between the Agency and Korong Capital Partners.