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We recently unlocked a release of over 900 hectares of state land located in the King Williams Town area in the Eastern Cape. The area is referred to as “Needs Camp”.

This land parcel was required by Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality for human settlements development purposes. The Metro battled to formally access the land for more than nine years. The land is reserved for informal settlements upgrading, tenure upgrading and new housing development.

The Metro is currently experiencing critical human settlements delivery challenges. This stems from the fact that identified suitable and available land is predominantly owned by public sector custodians ranging from the national Department of Public Works, the national Department of Rural Development and Land Reform, and state-owned enterprises, most notably Transnet, within East London and surrounding areas.

The Metro has formally requested the Agency to assist in unlocking the release of various publicly-owned properties required for human settlements. The Agency has, for this purpose, prioritised and agreed on a land assembly programme with the Metro.

The currently released land is the first of many initiatives the Agency has put in place to unlock public land required to house the needy within the Metro. The Agency has already commenced with formal transfer of the land to the Metro.