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In July 2011, Karishma Busgeeth, HDA’s Spatial Information and Data Manager, lead author of two papers titled NaHSLI: A South African Catalogue of Habitable Land and LaPsis: The Window to South Africa’s Land and Property, attended and presented both papers at the Esri (Environmental Systems Research Institute) International User Conference in San Diego, USA. 

She also met with colleagues from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in Boston to engage and discuss the potential avenues of collaboration between the HDA and MIT.

The theme of the ESRI conference was, Understanding our World; every day we face new challenges in our lives, our careers, in society, and in the world. By sharing our collective understanding of our world, we can plan our course of action to make our world a better place.

Special guests from across the world (including the HDA) were invited to describe their accomplishments using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to understand our world and explain how GIS is transforming society.