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The HDA, on behalf of the NDHS, organised and held a consultative meeting with developers in the built environment on 3 October.

About 40 delegates from different entities attended the meeting. The purpose of this gathering was to inform developers of the draft MSP and enlist their commitment to the target of the development and delivery of 1.5-million housing opportunities to be provided in the Minister’s term of office.

HDA CEO Taffy Adler was the programme director and opened the meeting. Johan Minnie (Acting GM: Land Planning and Assembly) presented on catalytic projects and principles of spatial targeting. The presentation aimed at achieving a creative balance between spatial equity, economic competitiveness and environmental sustainability, so as to overcome the legacy of apartheid spatial planning.

The second session of this workshop was a response from developers, and they provided their perspective on how they can contribute to the achievement of the 1.5-million houses target. Some key opinions converged on prioritising prospective interactions between the Department and the developers to ensure a smoother execution of projects.

In conclusion, Adler wrapped up the session and indicated that the HDA needs to streamline all that has been discussed, and develop a framework of alignment and support from government, paying key attention to issues such as project planning, project-focused issues, bulk issues and capacity. The Ministry will take into consideration the discussion of the forum.