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The Zanemvula mega-housing project in Chatty, Joe Slovo West, Soweto-on-Sea and Veeplaas in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro is divided into four programmes:

• Construction of 13 327 new houses in Chatty extensions 3, 4, 5, 12, 13 and 15, Joe Slovo West and Kwadwesi Extension.

• Informal settlement upgrade of approximately 1 565 houses.

• Rectification of approximately 7 500 houses in Soweto-on-Sea.

• Erection of 323 rental houses.

The project will deliver approximately 22 700 housing units. Chatty 1347 is almost complete. All sites are fully serviced, and out of the 1 347 houses to be built, there have been 1 059 contractor handovers to date.

Site establishment is currently under way at Chatty 1380 where 1 380 houses will be built by May 2013. In Joe Slovo West, 4 000 stands will be serviced starting in May, with construction of houses commencing in 2013.

And finally, the Soweto-on-Sea rectifications are scheduled for completion in July 2013. The first phase of this project will yield 2 500 rectified homes, with 89 already complete. For more about the rectifications, read the article “Zanemvula housing rectifications going well”.